Roku - Suggestions to overcome lack of Tablo Connect support?

Given that there is still no ETA for Roku support over Tablo Connnect (mystifies me why given the popularity of the devices) and every time I ask the question the response from Tablo support is noncommital, would appreciate input from the community about what device you’d purchase that works with Tablo Connect.


Tablo Connect works with Amazon Fire TV devices, and Android TV devices (such as Nexus Player and NVIDIA SHIELD) for remote watching on an HDTV.

The smartphone and tablet apps also work with Tablo Connect (so iOS and Android apps).


Will likely try the Amazon Fire, not being a fan of Android/Google.

Have been using the iOS app but want HDTV support.

In theory you can use a computer with the Chrome browser remotely too.

I think the only devices that don’t work remotely are the Roku and Apple TV.

With that said, I have a VPN server setup where my Tablo is and use a Roku remotely via a router acting as a VPN client.

I’ve seen you mention that before but would appreciate more info if you’re willing to provide it.

So… Just FYI that Fire TV is Android.

Knew that.

Should have been phrased to say “although I’m not an Android/Google fan the options are limited since Tablo has so far not provided Roku compatibility with Tablo Connect.”

Mystery to me why given the popularity of Roku devices.

Maybe I’m weird, but I’ve never considered the Roku a “traveling device”. My phone?.. sure, just makes sense to me.

Roku is popular because it’s very inexpensive and has good reputation. There are options of course, but after looking at all the options I chose Roku for my front end devices, and I don’t regret that decision.