Roku streaming stick with Tablo

So is anyone using a Roku streaming stick with Tablo and how does it perform or compare to a regular Roku?

Check out the Roku forums. The streaming stick is not as powerful as the Roku 3 so the interface is a bit slower. And the biggest thing is it is prone to more wireless interference from the HDTV itself so you get issues with streaming speeds. Plus the wireless antenna is not as good in it so you could get poor wireless signal.

That being said, you could have no problems with it. But with needing fast local streaming for 1080p recordings from the Tablo, I’d go with a Roku 3. Plus Tablo is working on a new UI for the Roku, the more fancy the UI the better it will run on the Roku 3 vs the streaming stick.

Lastly, if you do buy the streaming stock make sure to buy the newer one, that is the HDMI version, not the MHL version.

Thanks.  I"ll check out Roku forums.

@7up - It didn’t perform great when we tested it at HQ (for the reasons @theuser86 mentioned) which is why we recommend the Roku 3… That being said, some people are happy using it with their Tablo. 

Maybe pick one up but keep the receipt in case? 

@TabloTV -  thanks for the sharing your testing.   I’m ordinarily not a big fan of wireless streaming for HD content but figured I ask.   

maybe i’ll just get one of these: