Roku streaming stick lost connection, Apple TV and Firestick app and Roku 3 working fine....reset Tablo now nothing!~

Ugh! First I had major issues with the HD (and I got Western Digital Elements what Tablo recommended), and now the Roku streaming stick doesn’t work - it lost connection. I went upstairs to my Apple TV and Roku 3 and synced online using the Apple iOS app, and they worked fine, so I assumed downstairs on the streaming stick would also work.

But now downstairs running Roku Streaming Stick says can’t detect a Tablo, so I delete channel and start again, no dice. So I press blue button on back of Tablo unit, flashes quickly and now I can’t connect to ANYTHING - not my Firestick, the Apple TV or the Roku 3.

iOS app says connecting in yellow.

Ugh! I’m about to pull my hair out. This just doesn’t seem right.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Sounds like a lot of aggro, mate. People in this forum often suggest rebooting the router and trying again. Can you give that a try?

Aggro? I did do that, yes. I have since got all devices connected again EXCEPT for the Roku streaming stick which is right next to the router and the Tablo.

This is frustrating me. I put in a ticket, but I’m stymied as to why I can get it to work with the other devices and not this one. It had been working for several months just fine.

Aggro means aggravation,mate.

I was thinking of buy a Roku streaming stick for the other tv. Is the one that you are having the bother with the new 2016 model?

It is. However after rebooting the router numerous times, I finally got it to work. That was a lot of aggravation.