Roku streaming question

Thanks for allowing me to join. I have enjoyed reading the posts but haven't found an answer to my question. Is it possible to stream my Tablo from a remote location on my phone or PC and have that displayed on a TV at that location on a Chromecast dongle or Roku Stick?

In other words can I have my phone at my second home stream to my TV at my second home with a Roku/Chromecast using the Tablo at my primary residence ? Obviously this is across a WAN and contains two separate wireless LANs.

If I have missed a post in my searches I sincerely apologize.

@iam4thapack - You cannot use Tablo Connect (our out-of-home streaming capability) with Roku at this time. 

You can use Tablo Connect with our web app, our phone apps and our native tablet apps though. 

So yes, you can use your PC and Chromecast or our native Android tablet app and Chromecast. We will be adding Chromecast support to our phone apps very shortly. 

OK great I can pickup a Chromecast to use for this as they are fairly inexpensive. I will use that v/s a Roku for this application and use my laptop to stream from.

Thank you so much!


How fast is your internet upload speed? It needs to be fast enough to avoid buffering, or you may be stuck with very low quality remotely.

Last time we tested it was ~ 5 MB up and 50-60 MB down. It is Charter based.

The Roku 3 has a screen mirroring feature. You might try that.

The screen mirroring feature on the Roku is stil beta.

It’s miracast… so don’t expect too much.  It works… but don’t expect it to work well.

I’m assuming you mean 5 Mbit/s - that will not be fast enough for 720p Roku / Chromecast setting. So you won’t be able to use full quality. Limiting the remote quality to say 3 Mbps will work but whenever you’re watching it, it will be using one of the tuners as it is transcoding the video.

I hope you have a quad tuner.

Yes Quad tuner. I am really not that concerned about quality. I would like to have full 720P but I can live with it to save a few bucks… Called the Cable TV company tonight and cut the cord. Saving over $130 a month…

Nice congrats! Let us all know how your remote streaming endevours go

I have been using screen mirroring to cast CNN US Live Streams to my TV just fine with a Windows 8.1 Laptop.