Roku Soundbar - anyone else seeing this?

Over the last month or two, I’ve had a random odd behavior with my Roku Soundbar when exiting a show on the Tablo. Sometimes when I exit a show, the screen goes black. There is no way I’ve found in app to bring back the screen. I must hit the home button on my Roku remote to get to the main screen, then re-enter the Tablo app, and then everything is ok (until the next crash). I’m thinking that Roku screwed with their OS (they had borked the Emby show count graphic at some point) and there is some sort of random glitch regarding Tablo. I haven’t noticed this crashing on any other Roku channels (Emby, Paramount, Disney, Hulu, etc.).

Just wondered if anyone else is seeing this? It’s just plain annoying.

Did you pause your viewing long enough that the screen saver came on prior to getting the black screen? I’ve seen this behavior on my Roku Ultra, but only after extended pausing.

Have been seeing the same symptom with my Ultra, a long pause or just watching a 30 minute show will cause it. Happens with Roku V12 too. We’ve just gotten used to hitting the home button and going right back into the Tablo app. Not ideal, but not too annoying either. :grimacing:

It’s a Roku bug in OS12. Some apps are more affected by it than others. I have seen that with YouTube and Philo.

My Roku Ultra also does this. As well as…

  • When using the right direction button in You Tube it sometimes exits and goes to the Hulu login screen. I don’t subscribe to Hulu.
  • When using the left or right direction buttons it sometimes allows you to hold the buttons down for rapid FF and RW and the next day it does not work.
  • Sometimes when you hit the pause button is pauses then instantly restarts the video. It can be a real pain at times.

Ok, thanks guys. I kinda figured it was a Roku bug, but was a bit worried that my Tablo might be failing. Just to clarify, this happens (sometimes) when I exit directly from a program I’m watching, no screensaver or extended pause. I like the simplicity of the Roku interface, but I wish they would quit screwing around and ‘fixing’ stuff that isn’t broken.