Roku question

Has anyone tested the Roku 2 XS with Tablo?  I currently have a 3 and a streaming stick, and the wifi direct remote is killing the rest of my home network with interference.  I’m looking to downgrade if that model works with tablo.

I have a few roku 2 xs and it works wired… not so much wireless.  Wired is def. slower than the roku 3 though

Wired isn’t a problem, I’ve got ethernet where I need it.  The 3s are cutting my wifi strength to pieces in the house…  The streaming stick is useless because it is too close to the 3 etc.  It’s really annoying that they crippled the product in that way.

Id be happy to show you the performace on a Roku 2 XS wired before you make your decision…  I can shoot a quick video.  The basement playroom has a roku 2 xs hooked up and ready to rock.  Just let me know. @jbanks25

@pix64 I’m pretty well decided because the overall good of the whole system is not worth the speed, but if you don’t mind throwing a quick video, I’ll take a look at it for sure.

K – no prob. ill shoot one shortly before i start my PTO :slight_smile:

@jbanks25 -

Video you requested:

YouTube Link

When I click the link, I get a message that the video is currently being processed.

@wkufan92 That’s normal for a short time after a video has been uploaded to Youtube. It seems to actually be available now.

@pix64 Thanks for the video.  I can live with that amount of lag.  Especially considering it will speed up everything else in my house…  That actually made me want the quad tuner more though…  Oh how I wish it was on Amazon, so I could easily sell my 2 tuner used.

@jbacks25 I have the ROKU 3 and have not noticed any network issues in my house.

I also have 2 roku 3s all wired and using the bluetooth remotes.  I haven’t noticed issues either… but wifi is wonky, then mix in bluetooth and a 5Ghz wifi and who know :slight_smile:

@jbanks25 - Glad it helped.  I am super impressed with the 4 tuner and speed.  I cn’t right now but ill shoot another quick video and show that 4 shows are recording and have a few streams playing back just for grins.  Then ill show you how the speed doesn’t slow down… its awesome.

@pix64 Which Roku 3 remotes are bluetooth?  My 3  and streaming stick are both wifi direct, and that is the problem.

@wkufan92 That is good to hear.  If you google roku 3 wifi direct interference you will see what I am experiencing is pretty common.  You must be one of the lucky ones.  Perhaps it is that I have 2 wifi direct sports located near each other, and then only about 30 feet from my router…  

To give you an idea of the interference, I had an android tablet I use as my alarm clock (Same room as the 2 Roku devices).  I actually had to unplug both Roku so the tablet could even see my router…  And it’s an Asus RT-n56U, not the cable company crap.

My fault… They are WiFi direct sorry.

Have u tried different channels and such on the 5Ghz WiFi?

@pix64 Is it connected on 5ghz?  I just assumed they were on the 2.4 band.  I haven’t messed to much with it because it is currently working well enough to have plex on the 3 (But not the streaming stick).  I just learned though from some research online that the 3 still has an IR port, so I’m going to test that out with the remote from my decommissioned Roku XDS.  If I can eliminate at least 1 of the 2 wifi direct connections, I may be able to improve the situation…  If not, I have a 2XD and a Fire TV coming tomorrow…  :)  My migration from Directv to Plex/Tablo/Hulu/Prime/Netflix involves 6 TV’s, so there is a crap ton of jockeying stuff around.  I’ve got one more month of DTV in my contract, so I need it all tested and squared away before then.

Yeah the WiFi direct is 5Ghz…well sorta

Check this

So I’m running it wired, but I feel like I may have connected it on 2.4ghz originally…  Maytbe I will try to connect it to the 5ghz and then plug in the ethernet and see if it sticks on the 5ghz band.  I don’t have anything else running there, so that would be fine with me.

I would also use WiFi Analyzer (if you have an android device).  It will help you see what 2.4Ghz channels are being used and how crowded things are… its an awesome app. Itll also help you choose which channel you should be using.  2.4 is sorta a pain cause its so stinking jammed by EVERYONE and everything around you…

I’ve moved more and more of my house onto powerline, but still do need a certain amount of 2.4.  I’ve played with that app before, but it’s been years.  I’m sure the landscape has changed since then around my house.  I’ll have to check it out.  Thanks

OK, I kicked the 3’s remote up to 5ghz, (left it on wired ethernet) and the streaming stick is still garbage with Tablo and Plex, so I think it may just be garbage…  That will be the device that ends up retired rather than the 3.  

As for channels for my router, it was set to auto and actually doing a good job of avoiding the rest of the neighborhood.