Roku Preview FF/REW

I just updated the roku preview channel, and when I fast forward (already prerecorded shows) I no longer see where it’s fast forwarding to.

Is that normal?

No thumbnail preview for FF still works.

Can you please try an older recording you know that has thumbnails?

Thumbnails do not work with live TV or shows currently in progress of being recorded.

I don’t have an older recording (once I watch them, I delete them. This one is at least a few weeks old)… Hmm…

Nevermind. Maybe it’s just that one recording. Just tried the next episode, and everything is fine.


Send Tablo Support a Support Ticket. They can look into your logs and figured out why. The thumbnail creation process should not fail. But it is known bug where occassionally some episodes do not get thumbnails created.

Is this episode you speak of more than a few days old?

Yeah, both episodes are probably a few weeks old.

Send that ticket so they can fix the issue so it doesn’t happen in the future.

Will do

Experiencing this right now watching Chicago PD which is recorded from yesterday… We are using the original roku app, not the preview. The roku 3 also crashed while trying to fast forward too. So a double hit of no preview tiles and then a crash.