Roku Plex Tablo could not connect to your table

I have a Roku 3, Roku 2X with PLEX and the Tablo channel. When I access the Table client within Plex I get the error “Could not connect to your Tablo”.

I have tried both wired and wireless connections to no avail. Moreover, I have attempted a solution or removing and re-installing the Tablo channel, restarting the Tablo Channel, Resetting and uninstalling and then reinstalling the Tablo channel without success. Tablo support has directed me to this forum.

Does anyone have any information to share, or is this a dry hole and I should just chalk this up to a 200 dollar loss?

Tablo has a native Roku channel. Let’s take Plex out of the equation first. Can you access the Tablo through the Tablo channel on your Roku’s?

@dlucent - Yes, please check that you can connect directly to your Roku first. We can help you with that piece. 

As for Plex items, since this is a third-party app we cannot provide direct support for it. I would recommend that you post in the ‘third party apps’ category where the Plex devs and the rest of the Plex users hang out regularly.