Roku OS7, What is everyone's impression

What is everyone’s impression of Roku’s OS7? Has the UI changed? Is it faster? My Roku 3’s haven’t been updated yet, just curious.

Doesn’t seem like a huge difference to me. Maybe less buggy? Time will tell.

I don’t see any big difference in the UI.

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For me, it makes the Tablo more stable. I have had zero reboots on my two Roku 3 devices, and my wireless Roku 3 only sporadically gets a quick “Loading Please Wait” message.

All my other apps (Netflix, Amazon, CrunchyRoll, Funimation, YouTube, and Twitch) run with no problems. It is also supposed to support hotel wifi networks as well.

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Is os7 already out of beta? Or are we talking about os 7 beta?

I thought it was out of beta.

It is out of beta and being rolled out, though not everyone has it yet.

Thanks for the clarification. I checked this morning and mine was still 6.2. Glad to hear that it’s coming anytime :smile:

According to Roku it’s rolling out through early November.

Roku 4 was released with OS 7. I think still beta or staggered update to Roku 3.

It hasnt hit my Roku 3s yet, but on my 4s it seems pretty solid. It does seem faster but that could be the upgraded processor in the 4 more than the OS.

Not a lot of huge differences, I do like the expanded MY FEED options, where you can get updates not just on Tittles but also actors or directors. It also searches more sources for the videos as well and just seems to be more refined. In previous OS I would have a new movie show up multiple times in the feed list, whereas it is supposed to show once and then list all the sources, it would be listed 2 or 3 times with a few different sources under each. So far that isn’t happening with 7…

2 new features I do really like, still not sure if they will be included on the Roku 3 though, is the power down mode and the “sinK” capabilities.

Power down mode is like a sleep timer, after 30 minutes the unit will go into a deeper sleep, turning off the fan and video outputs. Haven’t checked current draw yet but I would think this should save energy.

The “sink” capabilities allows other devices to “talk” to the Roku box and either auto switch inputs or turn on the TV automatically. Not all TVs support it but for instance, on my LG LCD TVs, if the TV is off or on a different source, and I turn on the Roku, the TV turns on and/ or switches to the Roku source automatically.

Obviously not a huge deal but still nice to see the product expanding. Now if they would just add a volume button to the remote I would be extremely happy.

The Tablo app works about the same for me, but then again I wasn’t having the reboot or other issues many speak of on previous OS.