Roku OS v9.0.0 released?

Oh dear, are you testing Roku OS v9.0.0 @TabloTV?

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It breaks the Tablo & Tablo Beta Roku channels. I received 9.0.0 build 4011-46 a few days ago on my Roku Ultra (I’m in their beta program with it) and it totally breaks live TV on both Tablo channels. My TCL Roku TV still has 8.2.0 build 4097-30 and it has no issues on either Tablo channel so it’s definitely the Roku 9.0.0 OS release that broke it.

When you select live content to watch you briefly get the spinning circle like it’s buffering but after about 30 seconds the Roku reboots.

I was able to schedule a test recording from the Roku Ultra with no issues. As soon as it finishes recording I’ll test playback on the Roku Ultra as well to verify the issue is isolated to live TV.

Tablo playback, whether live or recorded content is totally broken. I was able to play back the test recording on other non-Roku devices with no issue but playback of the test recording in both Tablo channels had the same result, the briefly spinning circle and after about 30 seconds the Roku reboots.

FYI, @nilex Roku searches other forums for references to Beta software. Its in breach of the NDA to discuss it outside of the beta program. Just a friendly reminder.

Good reminder, the NDA for the product I helped beta is over. That unit is just still on the beta track but I’m not currently testing anything or under NDA for anything and know nothing other than a 9.0.0 version was sent to that unit in the last few days and neither Tablo channel works on it for playback.


We do have early access beta on a few of our Roku units at HQ and the folks at Roku also use Tablo as part of its overall beta testing processes so we’ll get this sorted out! Tx for the heads-up though!

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My Tablo has been getting worse for a long time and now with the Roku 9 update, watching over the air has become useless. Sad. I am not in beta, they just push this crap out. Time for Amazon and Tivo solution I guess.

Sorry to hear that.

We’ve been running Roku OS 9 internally and aren’t aware of any bugs in the final product. The bug mentioned above has been resolved.

What are you seeing on your end? If you haven’t already touched base with support we’d be happy to help troubleshoot:

Major Roku OS releases are always a crap shoot. That’s why I spent $25 for a gen 2 Fire TV stick.

When things get too bad I switch until there is an update for the problem.

In one Roku OS release, 2X and 3X FF caused the Roku to reboot. Mine rebooted so many times I had the reboot jingle memorized and hummed it in my sleep.