Roku OS 8 upgrade

Interesting about the Roku’s OS 8 Upgrade below but what does it specifically mean to Tablo?

“All of the devices announced today (as well as all former Roku models, by the end of the year) run Roku OS 8. The new update focuses on support for over-the-air antennas, with a new ‘Smart Guide’ that integrates local broadcast data (via an antenna) with streaming options, for easier content discovery. Roku search results also now include over-the-air content…”


If I read the actual press release ( right, most (or possibly all) of the new OTA TV features are for Roku TVs. That is smart TVs that use the ROKU OS as their smarts. I would not be surprised if none of this comes to the stand alone boxes and sticks.

I would very much like my Roku to bring up a program guide. At least I would if it comes up faster than the one the Tablo provides.

Its only for the Roku TVs while using an antenna connected directly to it and has no effect or advantage to Tablo as it plays through the Roku.

I actually see it as a bit of a competitor. It doesn’t yet offer full DVR function but it does include a free guide and pausing / rewinding live TV.

A competitor only in the sense of local DVR functionality. It wouldn’t have any of the multiple device or remote connectivity features of the Tablo, which are some of it’s biggest draws.

Agreed, even IF Roku adds full DVR functionality, it doesn’t displace Tablo for many features.

For some customers though, it might be a consideration… Especially if they were OK with maintaining different recorded content lists on each TV or only needed full DVR on one.

For example my parents, they only watch recorded shows on ONE TV. They DO use Pause Live TV on 3 other TVs but would only need access to the recorded content on the one.

This may be a semi unique use case of course but I’m sure not everyone that buys a Tablo buys it for ALL its features.

Roku chips away at a few from one direction, while Plex & HD Home Run (who just announced a 4 tuner version) chip away from others. the market is definitely heating up.

Competition is a good thing though, well as long as it doesn’t heat up enough that my chosen hardware gets left in the dust of course.

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I wouldn’t consider either one as true competitors. Tablo markets itself as a network service explicitly for streaming devices to access. If you only watch one tv and nothing else the tablo is really not for you. A tivo would much better suit you. None of these changes to roku’s functionality steps into the OTA network streaming market.

Well depends on the Tablo product you’re speaking of these days.

The Tablo ENGINE with the Tablo TUNER on a NVIDIA SHEILD is a one device solution.