Roku or Tablo

The last several days when I rewind a recording , the system locks up!! Reboots Roku and i have to restat everything again !!! Tired of this !!! Anyone having this problem ??
Thanks. Bob

I have three Roku 3’s with a Tablo 4 Tuner and have never experienced what your describing.  I’d probably start by uninstalling the Tablo App from the Roku and re-installing it as the first step.

I watched using a Roku 3 last night.  Then watched last night when I went to bed on a Roku LT.  I watched during lunch today.  When I got home I tried to watch on the Roku 3 and it did not work. It said no Tablo detected.  I tried again on my phone and it worked.  Rebooted Roku 3 and it worked.  I have my Tablo connected using Wifi.  I also have the r]Roku 3 near it also using Wifi.

The Roku has software version 6.1

Thanks for the help! I updated the Tablo, out of the box it wasent updated! I update my Roku often!! Before Tablo the Roku would freeze up , but not this often !!! I will try removing Tablo and reinstall her !! Thanks and will report back!!! Bob

By the way my Tablo is a brand new four tuner. Roku is several yrs old , all on wifi!! If there hooked direct to internt would that help??? Faster connection when fast forward or back? Delays !!! I wish we had like a screen preview when fast foward and reversing!! Never can get to the right spot!!! Thanks

@bobrl If you could connect through Ethernet, it would probably be a good test. It can speed up the FF/RW times - so if this continues to happen on a hardwired connection, it may lead us in the right direction. I’ve got your ticket here so feel free to update me there as well!