Roku Nice Feature - What about the web app

The Roku has a nice feature in “Schedule” that shows “Coming soon” recordings. It lists the schedule by days in order.
I was surprised that this wasn’t in the web browser version. That would be a neat option to have.

I’m a newbie to Tablo. Had it for maybe a week now. I like it a lot except it is too slow at some things such as live TV.

It needs a faster processor and USB 3 would be nice. It is 2017 after all. :slight_smile:

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The slow tuning of live TV is not due to the processor speed or USB 2.0 - it is the conversion process of the video from the native MPEG2 video to h.264 video.

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Wouldn’t a faster processor make that conversion faster?

Lol unfortunately not, unless it could travel through time. The Tablo creates a 10 second buffer for streaming. So it takes at least 10 seconds before it starts streaming. 10 seconds is 10 seconds in real time.

Ummm… It’s usually more than 10 seconds.
I have it connected through the Ethernet. Tablo only has 100mbp but seems like that should be fast enough.
I really like it except for a few things I mentioned. I like the way Roku 4 works with it.

I also have a Hdhomerun that I’ve had for years. Works good but the interface isn’t as pretty. Been waiting for their DVR but looks like they are having problems getting it finished.

I was able to get a fairly accurate measurement on the delay when tuning a channel. Only did this once so I don’t know about the variance, but it was about 23 seconds… our local news channel was displaying a clock at the time, and I checked it against my atomic clock when theirs flipped over to the next minute. Lots of variables here, but the 23 second figure should be fairly close.

Yes, I have checked mine several times and it runs between 12 - 16 secs. It use to be a little longer, but I have improved my router and added 3 network extensions so my LAN strength and coverage has improve a lot.

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Check out Plex DVR with your HDHomeRun unit. It records in MPEG2 video so channel changing will be instantaneous.

We need a separate category just to post our “numbers” for how long it takes. I know for me, back when I used to time it, seemed to be around 17 secs. But haven’t timed it lately. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just timed a remote Live TV HD 720p channel at 31 seconds, that’s over 4G LTE shabby connection and with a reduced speed conversion. Took 6 seconds to bring up a recorded show over same connection.

Using a Roku 3 Model 4200 remotely, it took 18 seconds. Yes, that is remotely. Locally it would have been even faster.

Right now mine is loading in about 17 seconds. Many times it can take longer though.
Does Tablo need to communicate through the internet to change live TV channels or just the network?
Hopefully the network only.

Local network only to tune a channel.