Roku "My Feed" feature

I just stumbled over the “My Feed” feature within Roku - where it will search through your streaming channels you have installed on the Roku for the show/actress/etc and when it finds a match it shows up in your “feed”.

Unfortunately the Tablo app is not one of the channels it searches - it’d be nice if it would search that as well.

@jbsmith_05 - I touched base with the Roku team about this.

Apparently integration with this wouldn’t be possible with Tablo because not everyone has the same collection of titles.

The way this works with streaming services is that the Roku goes out via the service’s API to search the entirety of its title library which wouldn’t be possible given the diversity of people’s recording libraries.

Ahh OK…So there isn’t/couldn’t be an API that’s dynamic in the sense that it looked at the local user’s tablo library? Are you saying that the Roku implementation of it expects a static singular library/location?

Apparently so.

bummer…its actually a pretty cool feature.

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I tried using the My Feed thing when it first came out. From what I could tell by using it, it is a method of advertising for the channel owners. I was being shown suggestions that were available from the various rental/pay-to-stream services when I didn’t even have the channel installed on my Roku.

I just ignore the My Feed now.

To bad really, having it suggest things from my Plex library that I haven’t watched yet or from Netflix (when I haven’t noticed they’ve got it) would be helpful when I can’t make up my mind. But, of course, it never once mentioned anything from Plex.

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