Roku Models / Generations

Does Tablo Dual Lite work with all Roku models and generations? Is there a list of all Roku models and generations that will work with Tablo Dual Lite?


Note: The Roku does not currently support initial setup of your Tablo. You’ll need to complete this via one of our other apps (iOS, Android or web).

Have you gotten past this point?

Here’s the answer…

We Recommend
We recommend the Roku Premiere+, and Roku Ultra.

Older models (Roku LT, SD, HD, XD, XDS and ‘purple body’ streaming stick) are not supported.

I want to replace Chromecast with Roku on my existing Tablo Dual Lite. Tablo is already setup. Do I just plug in the Roku and it will recognize Tablo?

Once you install the Tablo app on the Roku, the Tablo app will search your network for the Tablo, and you should be able to connect to it.

Well aside from the “Chapter 7” and “How to…” links already shared - if you need any more assistance try type in Roku and you’ll find more than you never thought you needed to know.

I bet you plug it in, set it up, install the tablo app and configure things… maybe there are some Roku experts here if you need some more detailed help - best of luck!