Roku "loading" issues, but iPad streams just fine?

I have the latest Roku 3 with all firmware updates and tried both Roku channels, but it is constantly going into the “loading” screen while watching a show. I can watch the same recording on my iPad in the same room with no issues at all.

I can still return the Roku if there is a better streaming solution as I really like the Tablo and want to make it work!

What recording quality are you using on the Tablo?

The 720/roku option

Return it and wait for the new apple tv, Roku is garbage

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I find it quite helpful, I tested Roku 3 thoroughly, Tablo could never figure out why Roku is rebooting since they launch their product, it’s been nearly a month and a half where you can’t use the 1080p resolution and even at 720p bugs still occurs, so far it seems like the only solution the tablo team can come up is a new 1080p with less fps…

So yeah, returning Roku and waiting for a better device to come out is a helpful solution

Yes the Roku is wireless (2.4ghz N router). I cannot remember what resolution the Roku is set at (not at home now). I’m guessing 720, but could be 1080 as that is what my tv is.

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My Roku 3 used to get the loading screen a bit too often (3 to 4 times in a 1 hour playback of a recorded program) and I am connecting over wifi at 5GHz. After moving the Roku 3 closer to the router (swapped it with the Amazon Fire TV box in the master bedroom) the loading problems went away. It still was a little sluggish in the Live TV guide, but that was resolved by adding a microSD card. I picked up a Samsung 16GB microSD card at Best Buy on sale for $8.99. From what I understand, 16GB is overkill for the Roku, but that was what was on sale and it is compatible. I read lots of people saying the Sansdisk microSD is not recognized by the Roku.