Roku Load Times vary Live vs Recorded

I did some testing this weekend and have come up with some interesting results.

Tablo has two different load times depending no what time of file it is viewing: live, recorded (closed file) and recording (open file).

  • Loading a recorded show to begin watching - 30 Seconds +
  • Fast forward a recorded show and then playing - 30 Seconds +
  • Loading live TV to begin watching - 10 Seconds or so… Sometimes quicker if the tuner was active already
  • Fast forward a live show and then playing - Instant*** I did a test on this. I went into the recordings to start a show that had not yet finished. While watching I would fast forward through the commercials as usual BUT I noticed something. The fast forward load times were instant.***

My thoughts - There is something happening to my load times where it is needing additional time to load a full/closed file. When loading live tv or a show that has not finished yet (still recording) the load times are non existent.

Has anyone else noticed this?

This is not normal behavior.

  1. What is the model number of your Roku? 4200?
  2. Is your Roku connected to your router via WiFi?
  3. Is your Tablo connected to your router via Ethernet or WiFi?

It actually happens on all devices. New Roku 3’s (1 wired 1 wireless), Roku Stick, Roku TV. The Tablo Box is wired as well.

What is the make and model of your router?

Is the Tablo directly hard wired to your router? Or do you have a switch in line?

The Router is an Asus AC 1900.

There is a switch in between… Could that be causing this?

Possibly - can you try hard wiring the Tablo, and one Roku directly to your router?

I will get that a shot this evening to see if anything changes. Hopefully it does and I can just bypass the switch or look at a better one. I will admit that the one I have is not a name brand. But it runs my PS3 and Roku 3 just fine for everything. Maybe it just can not handle the Tablo’s needs.

If hard wiring both devices directly to your router does not work, I would recommend you open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo so they can check your logs and see if they can figure out why there is a delay in starting playback for recorded programs.

But let us know how it goes.

One test down and I have to say that there was a postitive result. I ran a wire directly from the Tablo to the router and then back to my Roku 3. With that I am back to normal operation!

I will continue testing to see where the issues were coming from. Switch, Ethernet Coupler, bad wire?? Overall the devices were not that far apart, maybe about 75ft of wire running around the room and then up and down a wall.

Regardless… @theuser86 Thank you!! I will get more updates as I play around with the setup.

Do we know if its recommended to run a longer coax vs ethernet? Which is more forgiving?

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Cat5 up to ~300 ft will be superior.

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Got it… So I have a cat 5 running through the wall. 1 side was plugged into a small switch then to the Tablo and on the other side into a coupler with another cable running up to the router.

Would either of these affect it that much?

75’ of network cable.
The type does matter.
Stranded wires makes the cable flexible, but not good for use at longer distances, like more than 10 meters (33’).
Solid wires makes the cable much less flexible, but is great for longer distances.
Shielded wires also makes the cable less flexible, but shields the data signals from outside electromagnetic noise.
Also, the higher the CAT number, the more thruput the cable can handle, and more twists in the wires, which also helps prevent crosstalk noise issues.

Okay, that’s my brain dump on network cables.
Recommend at least CAT 5e shielded, solid wire.
Also, make sure you’re using cable rated to reside inside walls, if you run it inside a wall.

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I have this exact same issue. It hasn’t always been an issue by it started acting up with whatever 2.2.X update it was that messed a lot of people with Rokus up. All I hear from Tablo support is that it is a network issue on my end which isn’t the case as my setup used to work flawlessly. Hopefully they can figure something out.

Well. It was a bad switch… I changed it out with a very old but high quality (15+ years!) and it is working like I have never seen it. I am now running full 1080P and zero stutter, LPW or extended load times. While playing and FF it has a 0-3 second load time!

I was a long believer that my network was running well, but everything that I was testing was not coming off the line running over to my Tablo Box. Even my wireless roku 3 is running almost as quick as my wired one. Just amazing to say the least.

I would highly recommend anyone questing their player, network or tablo hardware/programming to follow the connection that your Tablo is using.