Roku Live TV skip back issues

I just updated the new firmware and new Roku channel.  The issue I am seeing was present on the old firmware and roku channel as well.  If I am watching live TV and skip back (left arrow) the stream picks up were it should and starts playing.  Then 10 - 20 seconds later the video stops and I get a black screen with the blue progress bar about a quarter of the way up.  It will not do anything at this point.  If I press forward (right arrow) a couple of times then OK the video starts playing again with no issues.

Forgot to mention this is a 2 tuner model with an Ethernet connection.

Has anyone else seen this?

Yes its still doing it for me to as well.

Yes, just tested this, I get the same issue. Interesting enough, when I hit the rewind button or the left arrow I get what looks like some closed captioning that is not correct. That goes away and then I get the loading screen which never loads unless I hit the right arrow.

@jestep I saw the closed captioning like stuff too after continuing from a couple arrows on a show recorded today. Almost reminded me of debugging statements printed to the screen. I did not investigate further yet.

Supposed to have said couple left arrows.

same issue with the closed caption gobbldygook for me on roku after skipping back,.