Roku live TV and Auto-Delete Recordings cause Tablo to hang

Been dealing with Tablo hangs for a few weeks now and found while trying to watch a football game today (in Roku) it appears to be the Roku live tv mode and new auto delete feature that causes my Tablo to reset and then go stupid.

It’s a reset because Roku fails to load the live TV stream after 30 seconds or so then says it can’t connect to Tablo…

It goes stupid because then after reconnecting to the Tablo Roku channel, the recordings are missing all their graphics and they all fail to play… They present some error message in a flash (to fast to read) and that’s it.

A reset allows the same behavior to repeat. So rather than continue to bang my head against the same wall… I made an educated guess and deleted a dozen or so episodes and tried live tv again. It failed the same way, the recordings are missing their graphics, but this time… recordings played. So that’s something.

We all got frustrated and have each moved on with our day doing something other than debugging Tablo or watching football.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed auto-delete maintains around 12GB of free disk space, today I now have 25GB free… Which seems to be enough to keep the Tablo from going totally stupid after it self-resets via Roku interactions… So, I wonder how much space live TV really needs?

Issue persists. Tablo hung, required power cycle, Roku live TV just hangs the device every time, requiring a reset to interact with the Tablo again.

Did a factory reset. Setup Tablo. Live TV now works.

Looks like a factory reset is now required after a firmware update!? Well, whatever. FYI for anyone else encountering this. Just another Tablo querk to accept.

@Thumbs Next time you’ve got a weird issue like this, feel free to give me a shout. We can log in to go over the logs and see what’s going on. The issue now is that since you’ve done a factory reset the logs are gone.

Just updating this thread with links to the other threads reporting the same Roku issues, post v2.1.16. Something bad is happening, which a factory reset seems to be the fix. A firmware update that requires a factory reset is a bad bad thing.



@Thumbs We’ve recently become aware of this issue. It is not a result of newest firmware. We’ve got a fix that will be included in the next firmware update.