Roku Guide Enhancements

I would really like to see some enhancements to the Guide on the Roku.

I counted about 1,056 TV Shows and 419 Movies available this morning. Unfortunately, there is no way to sort them or search them, like using the Chrome app. It is VERY cumbersome scrolling through them, looking for a show or movie to record. In many ways the old Tablo Legacy app on Roku was much better, except for Live TV. (Our household watches the Tablo on TVs, not on computers, so scheduling recordings on a computer is really not an option.)

It would also be great if the Roku app noted the release date of Movies, as well as all the info, like the cast, and the full description, like on Chrome.

Another enhancement would be to have the ability (and I emphasize ability to choose) to load TV Shows and Movies without thumbnails. This could improve the experience in 2 ways, the screen would load faster, and you would be able see the titles better for some programs (especially some movies who’s titles are very hard to read in the thumbnails.)