Roku gone haywire?

Anyone elses Roku’s gone haywire this morning? Had to reconnect them to Wifi, Re-link them to and re-link my Plex apps to and sign back into Netflix etc.

Happened on both my Roku 3’s

Man I hate Roku… (@beastman, please don’t tell me about the Nexus Player :laughing:, I like Android even less)

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No you can’t use haywire - coax is better.

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Sorry - I have R3s, iphones, ipads, atv and the only android I ever bought was the NP and it plays the BEST with TABLO. The others all work OK but it is the BEST.

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The best Jerry, the best!

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Channels are all out of order on the main screen now too… Really weird, must have been just me if you guys aren’t seeing the same strangeness.

I’ll need to check my Roku 4 when I get home

Roku is not a reliable streaming platform.

Yeah, something happened last night. I do my continuous Roku Beta testing and this morning normally I expect to see Tablo kicked out in the guide and it was completely knocked out and back to the Home screen in Roku and Channels out of order.

My Roku 4 and 2 (2015) are behaving well.
Roku 4 firmware v7.1.0 Build 4062-17
Roku 2 (2015) firmware v7.1.0 Build 4062-04

What Roku firmware version are your Roku 3s running now?
v7.1.0 Build 4062-(some number) ?

My R3 - 7.1.0 build 4062-04

Which channels are out of order, the Roku home screen channels, or the TV channels within the Tablo app?

Roku Home Screen Channels

Ah, okay.
Is this what happens?

  1. Watch Live TV or recordings via Roku Tablo app.
  2. Finishing watching via Roku Tablo app, but don’t exit to the Roku home screen.
  3. Turn off your TV for the night.
  4. Turn on your TV the next day, and the Roku Tablo app exited by itself to the Roku home screen, and now the Roku home screen channels are out of order.

It that it?

Something like that. Watch live TV or Video at night on Tablo, switch Tv input to a real DVR that works continuously without fail, fall asleep, real DVR goes to sleep and screensaver mode a few hours later, wake up in the morning, switch Tv input and Roku is at the home screen with channels rearranged.

Okay, now I have something to test.

That’s just what happened last night. I’ll see what it does tonight. Sounds like I’ll be doing some beta testing now with Chromecast too on one of the other threads. :slightly_smiling:

FWIW my Roku’s are running 7.1.0 build 4062-04

My Roku3 kicks me out of the Tablo app after some period of idle. In case you were unaware, this is a “feature” in Roku 7.1.

Also,I didn’t notice it until tonight, but the light on the Roku is on all the time! It only used to be on when I was actually using the Roku.

This whole Roku 7.1 release is a real bodge.

Alright, seems to be working again. 12 hours now and it hasn’t kicked out of Tablo App.