Roku frequently “loses” Tablo app

I’ve been using 2 Roku 4200Xs (Model RC03) for over 4 yrs and they are still working just fine. :grinning:

Maybe there is a clue in that the app works after deleting the app and re-installing.

I only have 19 OTA channels, keep very few recordings, and have only 23 Roku channels. Memory isn’t an issue. So I don’t need an SD card.

It’s not as if the new Roku 9.0 OS might use more memory then the 8.1 OS.

But who know what the problem is.

This is an interesting problem. I can assure across my many Roku’s over they years, I’ve never seen this.

My best guess is that something really really bad is happening network wise. I can’t fathom what would be causing this.

My two cents.

Can you send the details (and even a photo or screenshot if possible?) to our support team? We’d like to take a closer look at your Tablo from our end to see if we can dig up any clues.

You can reach us here via email.

One of my Roku 3 (4200) has had connections problems (finding/connecting/dropping) with my Tablo (hardwired). It has been updated to version 9. My other Roku 3 has not updated to version 9, and has none of the problems the other one has had.

Hrm… That’s an interesting tidbit @lewit57

We haven’t seen any issues with Roku OS 9 on our end, but just for fun would you be willing to try a couple of things for us?

Can you see what WiFi network (2.4 or 5 GHz) the ‘good’ Roku is on? SETTINGS > NETWORK > ABOUT

Is the ‘bad’ Roku on the same frequency?

And for fun, can you switch the positions of the ‘good’ Roku & the ‘bad’ Roku?

That’ll rule out network or location issues.

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lewit57 didn’t say if when the “bad” Roku 3 goes bad ,“finding/connecting/dropping”, whether or not fresh(from disconnected mode) starting the good Roku tablo app or the tablo browser app can actually find the tablo.

If the tablo can’t be found on the good Roku or browser app, this is an old problem.

Yes. What should I take pictures of specifically?

We only have 20 channels. I don’t think that’s the issue. Maybe it’s a network issue. I’m hoping Tablo can help me figure it out.

Update. Shortly after my initial postings, the issue seems to have gone away.

I do notice one particular difference when connecting to the Tablo. There are 3 lines that appear at the bottom of screen just before it connects. Not sure what that signifies, but the app has worked for several days without issue.

The 3 short horizontal lines displayed are a brief connecting status display on the newer Roku Tablo app.
I believe it was introduced with app v2.8.

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I believe you are correct. (At least that is when it started on mine.)


They were added to help with debugging and customer support. They actually represent the different portions of the app startup process so if something is going wrong, we can get a better sense of when in the process it was happening.