Roku features

I think I read somewhere that the tablet version will be getting 30s skips.  Will the Roku version get similar features? I’m aware that the remote only has forward and backward buttons, but no skip specifically. I guess the feature could be mapped to the arrow buttons.  I mostly use my roku to watch TV on the Tablo.

Try using the left and right buttons next to “Ok” instead. That skips a head 30sec at a time.

The star button calls the close captioning function.  You mean, the 4 buttons on top?

yeah, see this pic

If im watching live tv on roku is there a way to record using roku remote without leaving live tv?

@Josh - You mean recording the program you’re already watching? We don’t have this feature yet. 

Thanks that exactly what I meant, I’ll drop the request in the new features section.  I do like the “yet” though, thanks for looking forward.