Roku - Delete shows w/out Tablet/Computer... Indicate shows watched

Please add a feature to delete shows via the Roku. 

Also, please add some way to indicate which shows have already been watched / partially watched.

The roku does have option to delete shows.  It is on the episode page, same place you have the “Play” choice.  To reach that page again once the show is at a place where you want to delete, you can push the top “left arrow”.  If your option to delete is not there, you can always push the asterik or “star” key on the Roku and click on delete, then arrow down past the “cancel” choice and “delete” will appear.  Click on that also and the episode will delete.

While I am here, TABLO, please change the background colors on these windows.  Unless you have arrowed up or down to select the options, “back”, “delete”, “cancel”, etc. they cannot be read on the screen.  It appears that the words are over powered by the small windows background unless selected.

@brcatlover - Thanks for the feedback! We’ll look at that as well.