Roku Connectivity

I have been really impressed with the Tablo so far. The web app works great on my PC’s when I use Chrome. Just one problem. At first I was only able to connect via a long ethernet cable running from the basement. The Roku 3 worked fine.

Then I figured out how to enable the Tablo wifi. (I only own PC’s) I booted up my xp laptop from a USB drive with Android on it. Using android,  I was able to install the Tablo app and do the wifi setup. Now I can play stuff on TV via chromecast. Unfortunately I can no longer use the ROKU app. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the Roku app, but no luck. The IP address in the Tablo settings section does not work when I try to add tablo manually. I really would prefer to use the Roku as it is more user friendly.

@HarryR - Very cool workaround! Glad you got the WiFi working but it sounds like it may have borked something with the Roku. This kind of funkyness is definitely something that needs to be handled by support though. Drop them a note and let them know what you’re experiencing. 

I thought it was pretty cool too. Pity about the Roku.  :slight_smile:

I will pass this on to support.Thanks!

Good stuff! It will be good to know if the Roku issue was a direct result of the WiFi workaround or not because that’s pretty awesome.

I told support about it and they said the firmware updates would fix it. When I came home last night, the Roku started with a message about the new firmware being available, and then it worked perfectly before I even upgraded the firmware (which I did later)

So far so good. Thanks!