Roku channel crashes

Just got the 4 tuner table and hooked it up.  Problem is on the roku 3 when in the tablo channel as soon as I hit live tv it crashes back to the main roku menu.  My 2nd roku 3 can’t see the tablo at all.  The roku’s and tablo are all wired.

Is you hard drive recognized and working?  That’s a good place to start.  

Also, do you have all your firmware updates installed?  There have been quite a few since the 4 tuner Tablo was introduced, and I have no idea what version is shipping.  I would connect through an iPad or PC Chrome browser and make sure you are running the latest.  If not, a reboot of the Tablo should allow it to find them all.

It’s working now. I revisited it several hours later and it was working.