Roku Box and TABLO Issue

In the past 24 hours either Roku or Tablo issued an update. We haven’t been able to view any recorded show on Tablo from any of the major networks or see any live show on a major network during prime time. We will get the notice on the screen “Your Roku is reporting that it cannot play this surround sound video”! It is further identified with a “RED” dot in front of the statement. We do not have surround sound; therefore, we have it check “off” in the setup. I also checking the Roku forum also to see if the issue is being reported. I have a feeling it was a Roku update since I noticed the audio/closed caption box visible on the Tablo screen has changed. Thanks.

Reboot your Roku. If that doesn’t work, factory reset your Roku.

Roku has been rolling out version 9.4 to everyone, so there has indeed been an update. That said, my TCL Roku TV is talking to my Tablo just fine after the update.

Something got changed on the Roku if you are getting that message. You might want to go over the settings on the Roku for first step. I have mostly had such issues when my phone does and update but it can happen.