Roku app v20 released Feb 17 CRASHES A LOT!

I have been a happy camper for months without any really big issues until discovering that my Roku 3s once again have started crashing and rebooting during any skipping of commercials. The crashes are frequent, annoying as hell, and clearly began recently.

I checked my Rokus and sure enough, vetsion 20 of the player was pushed with no warning or options to avoid it on February 17, yesterday. Of course there is no way to roll back.

@TabloTV @TabloEngineering why do we have to go through this again? Wasn’t the last 8 month reboot and crashing problem long enough?


I happened to see the update when I forced Roku to check for updates the other day. My experience is different from yours though. I have Roku streaming sticks (3400 & 3500) and have not seen a problem with the latest Roku channel update. I thought it curious, tho, that there was no mention of it on these message boards, as the support folks are generally very good about letting us know when updates are coming.

My frequency of Roku reboots was extremely low, maybe once every week or 10 days up until an abrubt change yesterday. Suddenly my Roku on the morning treadmill today rebooted 3 times in 45 minutes. My late afternoon use of another Roku here / early evening was 3 more reboots in about 2 hours of use.

Sure enough, a quick check of version numbers shows a Tablo app update to v20 pushed yesterday. No idea whatsoever why it was unannounced.

Same scenario as last April – after 5 months of solid reliable Roku and Tablo use, suddenly crashes and reboots, eventually fixed 8 months later after horrendous finger pointing, crash logging, and many hundreds of user complaints.

Now, after a few months of no complaints or issues regarding reboots, here we go again.

And did I mention that my remote access now seems slower and more flakey like it used to be?

This software is so poorly tested IMHO. Maybe I am the only person experiencing issues. I fully expect that the fanboys will once again tell me / us to look at our routers, networks, hard disks, antennas, and zodiac signs. I am so tired of this type of stuff…

The immediate solution for me will most likely be to buy 4 more Nexus players, assuming they did not get FUBAR’d by this latest update with their own Nexus app ‘improvements’.


Update for the record 24 hours later:

Todays 45 minute treadmill with one of my Rokus and ZERO reboots.

This evening’s approx 3 hour viewing using another Roku with ZERO reboots.

Mystery unsolved: Same hardware as yesterday with similar use and program viewing yet no reboots today and 6 yesterday.


How do you know it crashes? I just posted another thread where my roku box flashes really fast for a few seconds then I get a LPW for about 1 sec…is this indicative of the app crashing?

I don’t get kicked out though.

The crashes / reboots I experience consist of a very predictable sequence:

First, a lack of response to remote control buttons

Second, disappearing video to a blank screen

Third, a period of no apparent activity

Fourth, the Roku restarting, with the normal Roku startup animation and sounds

Fifth, the Roku home screen appearing.

The sequence above takes maybe a minute or so from start to finish.

No flashes. No LPW’s.

ok thanks - that’s not what mine does

Multiple Rokus, and at least 1 wifi direct remote?
Replaced my wifi direct remote with an IR simple version made my Rokus much more stable.

3 Rokus here on WiFi, remaining 3 on IR (Harmony). No apparent difference here in crash performance.

Today’s results: total of 3 hours of viewing on two Rokus with 4 crashes

@RetiredEngineer - There was a very tiny change to the code in that update. So tiny that we didn’t even announce it because it was a fix for single screen for a specific use case.

It seems like you’re the only one who has run into issues since that teensy tweak so it’s probably best to touch base with support so they can work with you to identify what else has changed for you.

Thank you! Clearly I am seeing a crashing issue which is not even appearing for others. I will submit a support request.

I will add that this v20 update does appear to have finally eliminated a very old issue I have complained about since buying my first Tablo 17 months ago, the improper handling of recording deletions and associated inconsistentcies in icons appearing as phantoms. Hopefully this has truly been put to rest.

Thank you again,

Support ticket issued. Thanks again.