Roku app to only access recorded shows

Would it be possible or feasible to make a roku app just for accessing recorded shows on Tablo?Im thinking on switching to a Tablo from tivo. I was at a friends house and he was showing me his Tablo (2 tuner) but I noticed how painfully slow it was when he accessed the guide and live TV.

If you just leave the new Preview Tablo channel on the Recordings section, it will open the channel on the Recordings section. So you never have to go to the Live TV section.

awesome thanx …1 more quick question I have 3 roku 3’s so no issues there and a fast wired network. does the tablo have a pc web interface?some place to schedule recordings other than thru the Roku’s

Yes, if you go to you can access the web interface that looks just like the new Roku interface. You can browse the guide and schedule recordings from there.

Yes you can schedule recordings through the Chrome browser on the computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet.

I find it easier to schedule recordings using my Android phone during the lunch hour. You might want to wait until the current beta is released before you buy a hard drive for it, that way you can buy as large as you want. I have ordered a 5 TB and it is scheduled to arrive soon. I’m waiting until after vacation before I switch hard drives. I have some recordings I want to copy to my computer. Then after the new drive is connected, I will connect the old drive up to the computer and reformat it. I will then copy the saved movies to it.