Roku app automatic connection


I’m a recent Tablo owner and using it with a Roku2 and Roku3. In not teaching my wife how to use the Roku (preview) app, she got really confused.

When she opens the app up it scans for tablos on the network. It shows the ones it found in the middle of the screen or offers to scan again. She didn’t know that she had to pick the one in the middle of the screen to connect to it. Instead she thought it was just trying to connect and frozen.

This got me to thinking; if only one tablo is found why even present a list and wait to connect to it? Shouldn’t you just automatically connect to the only found system? Most homes that have a Tablo should only have one unit. This would take the step out of the equation. If more than one is found, then absolutely show a prompt though.

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Hi @Mario_Limonciello - You really should only see the connecting list once. Your Roku should find your Tablo from then on but your seem to indicate that it shows the connect screen every time.

That makes me think you are disconnecting every time you exit the app. (Using the Back button and not Home to get to the main Roku menu).

But, still a great suggestion and something we can implement in the future.

Just like @Mario_Limonciello when I run the Preview channel I have to choose my Tablo each and every time (I only have one). Using a Roku2 XS.

I thought that was how it was supposed to work, being a Preview. And no, I do not “disconnect” when exiting.

To get back to the Home screen on the Roku, do you use the “back” button? Or do you just hit the “home” button?

Oh I had no idea that pressing back vs pressing home would have different results. It sounds like both my wife and I are probably pressing back then. I’ll see if pressing home adjusts this behavior.


But glad to hear you’ll take my suggestion and adopt it for us back button pressers :smile:

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Running build 10 of the Preview. If I hit the back button to exit the app, the Tablo selection screen is shown when starting and exiting the app. If I use the Home button to exit, the Tablo selection screen is not shown (either starting or exiting). However, if I accidentally exit the app with the back button, the selection screen is shown and comes back the next time the app is started.

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Yeah I confirmed the connection screen is only happening when we exit using the back button. If we exit using the home button it doesn’t happen.

Maybe tablo should explain what happens in the preview app with the connection screen when you have more then one tablo.

From what I’ve seen, if the preview app at start up has any kind of timing issue with the second tablo the app will toss into the first tablo without displaying the connection screen. And this is a timing issue that doesn’t ocur with the old app or the WEB app.