Roku Always Re-downloads Tablo Channel

For the past several weeks, the Tablo Channel on Roku always re-downloads when it is opened, unless it was the last app used on the Roku in a current session.

This does not happen with any other app, and the Tablo channel is among the top four used apps on the Roku’s.

There are about 25 channels on on the Roku, and it does this on four Roku’s in the house. All are Roku Express with 9.0.0. The memory cache has been cleared on each Roku with no success.

Any ideas?

This was problematic during a recent internet outage…without service to download the app, there was no watching Tablo. :frowning:

Running out of memory issue? Can you delete some of the other channels and see if the problem goes away?

Tried that. And again, no other channels. including rarely opened ones, have the problem.

I was just thinking it might be the amount of storage Tablo uses, compared to the other apps. All the thumbnails, etc.

That is bizarre behavior, and you are the first to mention this issue.

While Roku has made a change in the last few generations of devices to ‘background delete’ and download infrequently used apps, that’s still kind of odd…

The Express is the base model, and only has 256MB of onboard app storage so it is quite limited vs. the fancier Roku devices.

However, the Tablo app has actually gone down in size overall during the last year from about 6.5 MB to 3 MB and we don’t cache any images on the Roku itself.

In terms of usage frequency, does Tablo get used on average the same amount, less often, or much less often than other apps on your device?

It’s probably the most often used app.

Very odd.

It might be worth checking with Roku to see what they say about this… Or to see if there’s another app you have loaded that is a resource hog.

Thanks. The only apps used with any frequency are Tablo, Philo, Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video. Any others are loaded very rarely. On one of the Roku’s in a room we use for family viewing, those are the only apps that ever loaded.(But the since they are one account, that Roku still has the other channels.)

@atmvoice I had a similar issue when I first got started with our Roku devices. Premiere Plus in living room, Ultra in bedroom. Problem appeared on Premiere Plus, not Ultra. Swapped locations, problem followed device.

Wiped devices and worked great for a while. Then problem appeared on Ultra. Note that pulling power cord for several seconds made problem go away but would come back in a few days.

Spoke with Roku, and they determined was most likely running out of storage space. Was able to get into test menus and read back info to support. So, I added a 32GB uSD card to the Ultra first, problem disappeared. Swapped locations, wiped devices. After a while, problem appeared on the Premiere Plus again. Added a uSD card, problem went away.

Why did it happen in Living Room only? Because that darn TV is on from around 7am and off at about 3am. Heavy usage. 99.9% Roku. And to make matters worse, its a 65" Plasma. The brick chimney its mounted on would stay warm until tv was turned on again next day. Need to dump that space heater.