Roku abort when viewing recordings

I have 4 Rokus and all of them have the same problem. When I try to go into Recordings, it aborts out of the Tablo app back to the main Roku menu page. I am able to successfully perform all other functions and recording works on my iPhone, iPads and PC. I have attempted to reboot Tablo and Roku to no avail.

What model of Roku? My older Roku XDS bails out of the Tablo screen anytime I try a Tablo function and goes back to the Roku home page.

@JHalloran717 - Sorry to hear that. Can you please pop a note over to our support gurus so they can get you up & running again?

Make sure to include what version of Tablo firmware you’re using, as well as the model of your Rokus and the firmware they’re running: