Roku 3 is much improved

If you look back at the at previous post you’ll see I have had lots of problems with playback to Roku 3. So many in fact I bought a Nexus Player to be able to reliably stream Tablo.
Over the last week I have used the Roku 3 a few evenings. With the latest Roku 7.1 software beta playback has been flawless. I record at the highest setting and had no LPW and no reboots. It’s nice to have that working again.


How do you get in on the Roku beta?

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Go to the Roku forums and look for a post asking for beta testers. That has directions on how to apply to the beta test.They may not be looking for any new testers right now.

@nicholb I’m on the same Roku beta. I’ve noticed the video stuttering slightly at full quality every few seconds. I let James know, but never heard back. Would you look for this to to see if you’re seeing the same thing? My non beta Roku’s have no stuttering.

I’ll check tonight. Last night a new beta dropped. I don’t recall any stuttering last time I used it. I have noticed an occasional stutter lately on the Nexus. Nothing bad, but noticeable.

I used the Roku 3 to watch several shows last night and saw no video stuttering.

I hope this is the right forum to do this on. I love the concept of the Tablo.
I am trying to cut my U-verse cable cord! But my playback quality is terrible. I am in Dallas using a leaf 50 antenna . We have U-verse Internet in my house and I believe it is about seven meg download. Will that work? Again I am sorry if this is a rookie question, but my playback has all kinds of horizontal gash and distortions to it. And it appears to have only recorded about four shows in the last three days. I think I slow down or improved the recording speed on the set up screen. But at the end of the day I cannot watch any TV because the distortion is so bad. I am using a western digital elements 2 TB hard drive. And a brand-new Roku three device on the TV. Thanking you in advance and please tell me if I should be on a different forum.

You would probably get better response if you started your own thread and ask for help on antenna choices. Select “New Topic” from the upper right of the main forum page and choose the troubleshooting category.

It sounds like you are getting marginal reception with your antenna. Moving it around may help.

Have you gone to TVFool yet and run their tool? It will tell you what type of antenna you need to receive the channels in your area. Also when you did your channel scan on the Tablo it gives you an idea of how good the reception is. You’ll want all green circles next to the channels you want.

So you think it is the antennae, and not slow internet in my home?
I got all four green circles when I did the channel scan. I am only 20 miles from the towers in Cedar Hill Texas. Thank you for the TV Fool site…

That’s what it sounds like. Your internet connection is only used to download the guide and the show icons for the recordings list. Playback is all from your local network. Local network speed problems usually show up as slow startup times and “loading please wait” screens on the Roku. Antenna problems usually show up as playback distortions or constant looping during playback. I know I had to try a couple different spots for my antenna before I found one that consistently worked.

Also create that new topic. There are a lot of smart people on this forum and the probably won’t see your posts in this thread.