Roku 3 Audio Slow

I’ll do my best to explain this. I have a tablo 2 tuner with the newest update as of 9/25 and use a Roku 3 with the most recent firmware. My issue is that when watching live tv the audio is slow and drawn out. Best example “Luuuuuuke I’m your faaaaather”. I noticed that the audio is fine playing live TV through an iPad 4 on wifi. So I’m at a loss as to why this is happening with the roku app. I was watching NFL football just now and sure enought the audio seemed slow and drawn out. Not to the point you couldn’t understand anything just that every voice sounds very deep and slow.

Anyone else experience this?

Any tips or recommendations? Could this be HDD related or other?

Noticed the other thread “Roku gets slow”. Same issue.

Unplugged HDMI cable and it’s back to normal. Very weird. Glad it worked but would like to identify the issue. Looking forward to hearing if the new cables help.

I had to reset my one of my roku’s to speed it up

I noticed the same thing but on PBS Kids roku channel … (I thought I was hearing things)… reset seems to fix it … but this seems to be a common problem with the roku boxes and not specific to tablo…