ROKU 1 - Resuming playback delay

Anyone else using the ROKU 1? I am also discussing this issue with @TABLOSUPPORT but wanted to throw it out to the community.   Here is my set up and issue with the ROKU 1.  The main issue is resuming playback after fast forwarding recorded programs.

Ok, I did some tests tonight and here is what I found:

Roku 1 - approximately 20 seconds to resume after fast forwarding (this roku is downstairs in the room beside the router)

Roku stick - playback resumes after fast forward in about 2-3 seconds (the stick is actually upstairs in bonus room)

Roku hd - playback resumes after fast forward in about 2-3 seconds (this roku is the older model and is located in same room as router)

Ipad - playback resumes instantly after 30 second skip

I am surprised roku stick and hd work fine but not the roku 1.

Any thoughts?

Is the ROKU 1  connected via wifi?  where is it in relation to the roku stick you have tested with?

Can you connect the roku 1 to the same tv and same physical network location as the roku stick…

my guess is that its due to the fact that Roku Stick is dual band wireless N and the Roku 1 is single band wireless n

Yes, ROKU 1 is connected via wifi.   The ROKU 1 is in the living room right beside the bedroom where the router is located.  The stick is upstairs in the bonus room above the garage.     I can definitely try the ROKU 1 upstairs where the stick is now.  What is interesting to me is I previously had a ROKU stick downstairs where the ROKU 1 is now and we had a lot of issues with buffering so I replaced the stick downstairs with the ROKU 1 and the buffering ended.  The only issue I am having now with ROKU 1 is resuming playback after fastforward.

My best guess is its due to the wifi throughput… if you look up specs, roku 1 has single band wireless N while the stick has dual badn wireless N

TabloTV also doesn’t recommend roku stick due to flakyness… i know that is not the case here, but just pointing that out…

@wkufan92 - Very interested to hear what you think of the Roku stick. In our testing we weren’t able to get it to stream reliably even with an HDMI extender. 

I would describe the ROKU stick as flaky.  For example, I had it in our family room which is right beside the room where the router is and we had lots of buffering issues.   I replaced the ROKU stick with the ROKU 1 and buffering stopped.  My son has the ROKU stick upstairs in his bedroom and he hasn't had any issues.  VERY ODD!!!!!

It just seems odd to me that the ROKU stick upstairs playback after FF starts back after 2/3 seconds while the ROKU 1 downstairs in the room beside the router, takes 20 seconds or so to start back after FF.

Interesting re: the Roku stick. Glad it’s working for your son though. 

We’ll see if we can get that mystery sorted out for you!