Roku 1 Remote

This one falls under trying to make the wife happy with the change from DirecTV.  She is used to having an RF Remote with DirecTV.  The Roku 1 remote has to be pointed right at the roku box and it seems to not pick up very well.   Anyone have any ideas to improve the ease of use with the remote signal with Roku?

YES!!!  I have the harmony remote with in IR repeater.  That way all the junk can be tucked in the console.  Works very well, not to mention it has macros to turn on and off all the appropriate devices.  Mine passed the wife test.

Fresh batteries have always been the answer for me.  Not that it’s all that insightful of an answer.

HAHA i love that answer - put fresh batteries in it.  I am going to use that care of @jbanks25 next time my wife comes to be with a scenario like that.  =))

good stuff!

Roku1 is brand new so I don’t think it is a battery issue. 

apparently i misread the question and gave an overly complex answer.

Is it possible to convert IR Signal to RF?

What device is using RF?

Sorry, I may be using the wrong language.  Roku 1 remote is IR.  My wife is frustrated because it is hard to get the remote pointed right at the Roku box without standing up. 

Try a repeater.  some you can stick right on the face of the device.  The receiver should be a little more sensitive than what roku has.  

Also, there are some known IR interference with TV’s.  I can’t remember the exacts, but if you google IR TV interference (or something to that effect) you’ll find steps to turn off features of a TV that could be causing this

p.s. i still recommend the harmony remote with their repeater.  Super easy to set up and they play nice together