Roku 1 Live TV buffering AGAIN; simultaneously tried on Android app-it was 10 minutes behind

Seems every other time I sit down either a regularly occurring error crops up or I find an entirely new one.  Tonight via my Roku 1 I exited Netflix, started the Tablo app and started to watch Live TV.  It started to buffer almost immediately which it actually hasn’t done for a few weeks to a month since we upgraded to 100mbps service. This time there were two buffering behaviors which is a new scenario.  It did the play, buffer for 10-12 seconds then replay the last 8-10 seconds and repeat behavior for 5 cycles or so and then in a new twist it would pause/buffer for 6-10 seconds and then pick right up where it left off without any of that repeating or looping.  So I simultaneously opened the same show on my Android phone and it was 8 minutes behind the Roku/10 minutes behind live.  What in the world would cause this?

@tablosupport Really need your developers to get a handle on this. I mentioned in another post that I don’t see anything mentioned on the sales pages of your website that some platforms will perform much worse than others which is a pretty misleading practice. Especially considering the amount of time you’ve been aware of the differences according to the posts in here.  Please don’t suggest I try an ethernet cable as the Roku 1 is ONLY wireless. We have three Roku 1s and only two were active tonight and these along with my laptop (which wasn’t on) are the only things on the 2.4ghz channel (in my household) and no appliances or bluethooth were active; everything else is on 5ghz or wired. My Tablo is wired to my router, the Roku I’m watching through is about 15 feet from the router and I’m using the 720p/Roku setting.  Need them to get a handle on this PLEASE .  Thanks.
  1. Is the Android device 8 minutes behind live TV and the Roku 10 minutes behind live TV? Your description is confusing.
  2. The Tablo uses local network speeds, so it does not matter if you upgraded your internet to 100 Mbps.
  3. Your repeating of video, is it the same issue you posted about in the thread below? Tablo has not released a fix since they said they were looking into it. I unfortunately can’t replicate this bug but I’m using a Roku 3 that it hard wired.

@mullermj We totally understand that buffering and delays can be frustrating. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer here. As @theuser86 noted, the Tablo doesn’t use your Internet speed; it uses your LAN. The Tablo sends video at a few different recording qualities - the one you’re using is sent out at 3Mbps, which is pretty low, land actually within the Roku’s max bitrate of 3.5Mbps.

If the Roku can’t try Ethernet, and it doesn’t have access to the 5Ghz channel, you could look at changing your network’s Wi-Fi channel altogether. This is something users commonly forget about. If your neighbor is using the same Wi-Fi channel as you, both on the same band, you can effect each other’s networks. This is often why some people experience ‘peak times’ or intermittent performance issues - because they’re being effected by variables outside the control of their own network.

There are a number of apps that can help you scan your home Wi-Fi channel to see if it’s over crowded. They may be worth taking a look at.