Roaming on same wifi network

I seem to have an issue with the web app on the iPhone 6 - I have a house with plastered walls (lucky me) which means that there is a nice metal grating on each of my walls which kills wifi…therefore I have my wifi network extended on each level of the house and to the back deck (same SSID, different channels). I have a weird issue…if I connect to the Tablo in the recroom and move upstairs, the iPhone connects to the new access point and I completely lose access to the tablo (status is reconnecting every 5 seconds). I have to exit the app and go back in…then I’m fine. Sometimes it will remember where I was in the recording and other times I have to start over. If I stay in one area I’m fine. Other than staying put, any ideas? BTW, other apps are fine - i.e. Netflix will stream with an occasional re-buffering when moving to another access point.

Are you assigned a new and different IP when you move APs?

@crudest - Touch base w/ support and we can see about giving you a hand with this

Nope - same IP - actually nothing changes on the TCP/IP stack, just connecting to a different radio. I might lose half a ping when switching… @TabloTV - I will give support a call. Thank you.