Ripper Stopped Working On one of of Two Tablos

Ripper is not working. I will load, find the Tablo, show the files. I click start does the Initializing, shows ripping started at 0% then stalls complete. I left it in the setting for 45 min and nothing. I have two Tablo one is working great. Ripped all the files with no issues…looking for afix

Maybe it’s a particular recording that is causing the problem.

Have you enabled logging and looked at the file? That may provide a clue.

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I beleive the problem is related to the NET, on one Tablo, the Rip time is extreamly good, on the second Tablo the rip time is VERY VERY VERY slow, I selected a short TV show, and it is about triple the time on the second box as it is on the first box…the original files were football games so the file size is large, on the short TV show the files are small…they are both on the same NET and have different IP assigned. I ae not a Net guru so any help is appriciated…both Tablos are on ETHERNET cables…