Rio Oly Streaming Coverage?

I note that my Tablo’s going to be able to record OTA NBC from Austin, but that source is not going to have my favorite sport, Archery. In searching, I found a nice summary of all the NBC-Related sources for various sports at this link, . It looks like I will have to add Sling to my Amazon FireTV if I want archery, but I cannot tell ahead of time whether there might a way to have Tablo record the events I am interested in via Sling/Sling’s app? Just hoping.

No, the Tablo will not record from any device other than an antenna.

Unfortunately, no, the Tablo only records what it receives over the air (OTA) via the attached antenna.
However, Sling TV does have an on demand section for most channels it provides, which are previously recorded events.
The drawbacks are they don’t provide an on demand selection for every show, and you generally have to wait a day or two after the show airs before its available on demand.
I highly recommend you try it out though.

Sling is a separate app. Sling does include cloud DVR for some of its channels but not all, so you’ll have to check if they support that for the channel you need. Alternatively you can look into logging into the NBC Olympics App/Site using your Sling “cable login”. Or you can check out Playstation Vue which has more fleshed out features, like Cloud DVR on most channels, and access to more “Cable Login” services, though it tends to be more expensive than Sling.


So far so good on Tablo recording the Olympics but the real test (the reason I bought it) is still one week away. FOOTBALL!


P.S. Don’t pay for sling to get archery. just watch it on youtube or something.

P.S.S. I sure wish they would add the cover art for the Olympics.

You, sir, are obviously no archer!! :smile: Sling has a 7-day free trial, and I tried it this pm and was able to watch the women team matchplay, which is my favorite given my own experiences as a coach of a paralympian femae archery medalist from Beijing. Not dissing football, fer shure, but as an Olympic/Paralympic archery coach myself (Level IV-NTS) I have to have my own “fix” by watching a particularly EXCELLENT sport… Thanks, though, ok?

Sounds good :slight_smile: I have a sling membership as well for other things.

PlayOn does not work with Sling, unfortunately. I messaged them about it, they said it’s because of the sign-in procedure on Sling.