Rewind works then stuck on loading when watching live tv roku3

Works fine on iPad but with two roku 3’s with live tv it does it every time. I’ll rewind then works for 10 or 15 seconds then stuck on loading. It’s hard wired. I also switched from 1080p to 720p. Reinstalled roku app but no luck. Hope this can be resolved soon.

Same thing here.  I think it is a buffer issue with live tv.  Never happens on recorded shows.

i have had that happen also, but when i press forward arrow or backward arrow one more time it seems to fix it for me… did you try that?


I have done that, but for the others ( wife ) in the house it might get confusing what to do.

Workaround works for now, but shouldn’t being doing this to begin with and hopefully a fix will come out for it.

I have the same issue… :frowning:

@guck11. - agreed. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon

@PIX64 I have done the same thing but just like @guck11 and others have said It is confusing to my wife and family as well and just hope this will be fixed soon.  Still think the Tablo is a great product with a lot of potential.

Same issue here. I tend to not watch live TV so did not catch this right away. I like to DVR and then watch.

@Lenisimo We’ve got an update coming shortly for all the clients, including Roku - there’s a few stability improvements in there. I’ve tried to reproduce this issue at the office using the new load and I haven’t been able to - let me know if this continues after the update.


@TabloSupport Will do looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

I confirm I’m experiencing the same behavior on live TV after the upgrade to 2.1.14. Still, hitting forward or backward arrow fixes the issue.

@maximeag The 2.1.14 release was a firmware release on the Tablo’s side. We have some app releases coming up to mirror that, but seeing as this issue is specific to Roku, it’ll need to be addressed on an update for the Tablo’s Roku channel (which we hope to do soon).

I have this issue also on my roku 3.  I also have the issue when you skip back the closed captions come on.  Sometimes they turn back off after a few seconds and sometimes I have to hit * then disable closed captions.

I have the same problem on Roku 2XS. When watching live tv if I skip back once it gets back to where I skipped back it stops playback and gets stuck on Loading, please wait and never recovers. I have to exit the stream and go back in.

It does not happen 100% of the time, but does happen often. The further you go back into the stream the more likely it will occur.

Same here. I have the 4-Tuner, and when watching on Roku, if I press 'pause' and then come back to continue watching it works fine (playing off the hard drive). When a commercial begins, I then fast forward. If I come completely to the end of the buffered playback (where live TV is now current), it will then show the "loading, please wait" screen after about 4-5 seconds of playback, and never goes away. If I press the back button on the Roku remote, and restart live TV, it begins playing just fine.

I think the problem has to do with the Tablo switching over from hard drive playback (when pausing live TV), back to live TV...when the hard drive is not needed anymore.

Doesn't happen when watching on Chrome through my laptop.

Roku, and Tablo both on Ethernet. Tablo updated with latest drivers/software.