Reviews on newest Fire TV stick with Tablo?

I see that there is a new version of the Fire TV Stick released about a month ago, and there are some great Black Friday deals on it. Does anyone have one and care to offer feedback on how well it is working with your Tablo?

I have the original and the new Fire TV sticks…and the Tablo app works fine on both of them…and supports streaming out-of-home, which is nice for a portable media player.
The new stick is very much the same experience as the old except it is a bit faster in UI responsiveness. The Tablo app experience is good and FF/RW work very well and resume playing very quickly (better than Roku 4, for example).
Overall, for the very low price of entry, I’d say pick one up.
The new Fire TV stick does include the voice remote (which does nothing on the Tablo app), but is otherwise handy to find Netflix, Hulu, Amazon content, and to find Play Store Apps (such as Tablo), and it now supports Alexa, which is nice if you have used that system (I also have Echo, some Dots and a Tap).


Thanks for the feedback! I decided to buy the new Fire TV Stick since it was only $30 and has a quadcore processor. We bought our Tablo over two years ago and have always used it with Roku 2. It worked great until maybe a year ago (can’t remember exactly how long). First we noticed that recorded programs took longer to load when first opening them plus after FF or RWD it would take awhile to load. Then we started getting increasing occurrences of LPW during live TV, especially football games. Yesterday it was nearly impossible to watch football, and trust me the antenna signal and the wifi strength are NOT the issue. Today I timed loading times for recordings. It averaged a full minute to load an hour show and 30-50 seconds to load after FF thru commercials on the Roku 2. Every other app we use on the Roku works fine, but I believe it isn’t the best interface for the Tablo. Now I’ve been trying out the Fire Stick and it’s fabulous! SO much faster! Can’t wait to try streaming live football games this weekend!

Hope you enjoy it! Check out the Alexa functions that are now included in the Fire TV stick…From “what’s the weather” to controlling IoT devices throughout your home, it’s pretty slick.
Also, just fyi, the Fire TV stick is bluetooth enabled, so you can pair bluetooth headphones to it for private listening if you want.

Good to know about the headphones, thanks! One of the things I like about the Roku 2 is the headphone jack on the remote.