Review Your Tablo - Get FIVE Additional Entries in the Black Friday Contest

We want to know how much you’re enjoying your Tablo experience, and so do people who are still considering OTA DVR options. 

This is why we’d love it if you took five minutes to post a review of Tablo on the site you ordered from, whether it’s directly from us or one of our retail partners. For each review (good or bad) you let us know about via this thread, we’ll give you five EXTRA entries in our Black Friday giveaway.

Here’s how to enter:
  1. Write a review on the website where you ordered your Tablo. (Or if you’d already written one, just let us know about it) 
  2. Reply to this thread with the following info:
    - The name of the website you posted your review on
    - The title of your review
    - Your nickname on that website
    - The date of your review
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’My Tablo is Awesome and so am I’
by Mr. Awesome
November 21, 2014

OK? Good! … Now go write those reviews!!!

Great OTA DVR for the Home
Terrific Over the Air DVR for Cord Cutters

I don’t know if I qualify but here goes…

One thing is for sure, I would love to surprise my Dad with this. He is a chronic Rogers hater.
Not your Dad’s DVR: The Tablo Rview
John Zanettos
November 12, 2014

Tablo made it easy to cut the cord

Charels B


This is a great product and company
Jeff H.

I bought it from Tablo.
“So simple my wife can use it”  (I submitted it as “
Easy to use…”)
stivae (this website)
right here, right now (20141121).

Seriously, let me know where to review it since I bought it direct. 

20141120: edit -
Yeah Grandy, (comment below) it made my life easier as well.  No more transcoding MPEG2
to MPEG4 on a separate computer.  My wife never liked the Boxeebox/HTPC/Transcoding PC/fans everywhere
setup I was using.  I’m not missing it that much either for OTA TV.

@stivae - We do offer reviews on our own store! Just click on the version you purchased and scroll down to the reviews. There is a link that says, “write a review”.
I cut the cord In August of 2014!

I purchased my Tablo direct from Tablo, but I review everything on Amazon. Better for Tablo anyway!


It's so easy my husband can use it!



Great DVR

My review at:

- Tablo Store US

Embryonic but has great potential...
- Jeremy Wollard
- 11/21/2014


I’m saving $95 a month. What a blast. Now get that Roku interface a work-over and I’ll be in heaven!
by Alex Bunk
Review details:
- Great!
- djont57
- 11/21/14

Here's mine

Bye-Bye DirecTV & Hello $1200.00 savings a year!

JFlournoy on Nov 21, 2014

And here also under my pseudonym wordtamer
I'm happy I took the leap
David P.
Nov 21, 2014
Good but not perfect

Great Cord Cutting Solution
Bryan K.

I have been floundering back and forth as to whether or not to cut the cord. I finally had it with Time Warner and their charges and poor customer care. I bought a 2 tuner tablo a month ago and will be notifying Time Warner they will be with one less customer. It works seamlessly. I get all my local channels and surprisingly more that I never get with cable. 

Two things:
 1. I wish it would send closed caption to my Apple TV.
 2. I should have chosen the 4 channel tuner. There are times when we wish to record 2 programs and watch another. 

Thank you Tablo for allowing me to save serious dollars. 

@eddiev1946 - Glad to hear it!  Make sure to post this on the site where you purchased your Tablo and let us know where to enter!