Return to last Live TV channel after watching recording

I’m a new Tablo owner, so I apologize is this has been asked previously. But I didn’t find it in Search.

It’s annoying to have to plod through the menus to get back to the Live TV channel that was being watched before viewing a recording.

Even if you can’t automatically switch back to Live TV after finishing a recording, at least can you select the channel and present program in the Guide?


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They just add a “mini-Guide” to their software , which also has a “last channe” button. Not sure if this would work for you.

I think he wants an easy way to go to the live tv guide after watching a recording. It only take three mouse clicks on a PC, though on the Roku is takes 4 or 5 clicks.

Snowcat is correct. Basically, I’d like the same functionality I get on DirecTv.
I can go to a recording from Live TV and when I finish watching the recording, I go back to the same Live TV channel

Makes it a lot easier for my wife, who hates to futz with technology.

What makes this request hard is that unlike DirecTv, which will always have a channel tuned, the Tablo only tunes to a channel when requested.

One possible solution is to have a “master button” that brings up the Tablo main menu wherever you are in the app. If you could select that, then you get to the live tv screen in just two clicks. I just don’t know if there are any available buttons on the streaming remotes to handle that functionality.

Well, it the tuner is idle, why not leave it on the channel?

The alternative suggestion of returning to the last channel selected when watching Live TV would also work.