Retry weak signal recordings!

I live between two broadcast markets (Philadelphia, PA & Lehigh Valley, PA) and I don’t have great signal for certain stations. Specifically my Fox Philadelphia station is weak on some days and at some times. When I record an event, like a football game, I would like if Tablo continued to try to (either continually or occasionally) record in spite of a weak signal. I lost the ability to watch a 3 hour recording because it failed in the very beginning and simply gave up. Given the regular ebb and flow of signal quality I can almost guarantee that at some point at last some of the game would have been able to be recorded.

@KevinM Tablo WILL retry recordings on weak signals.

If Tablo is unable to tune to the station at the beginning of the recording, it will retry once.

If the signal degrades DURING the recording so much so that the recording is terminated, Tablo will retry that recording up to 5 times before giving up.

And sometimes it reboots, and you lose the recording on any other channel, even if that channel is strong.
I couldn’t figure out how I was getting failed recordings that showed up as “Weak Signal” on channels I knew were strong.

That’s good but I wish it would retry more than once. Losing a 3 hour recording because of failures in a 60+/- second window is rough. Maybe it could retry 1 minute later, then 2 minutes then 5 minutes then 15.

Tablo hates weak stations. What you saw as one or no retries was the tablo crashing over and over every time it tried to tune the channel. It was trying to “retry” but there wasn’t enough signal to start up again.