Retain selected guide channels after a channel scan

Every few weeks I do a channel re-scan. It’s a good idea because channels move around the guide, get deleted, new ones get added, and frequencies can change over time.

Unfortunately, after each channel scan Tablo completely wipes out my old channel preferences. I’ve gone through and meticulously chosen which channels to include in my guide, but Tablo throws those preferences away and populates the checkboxes according to its own critera after every channel scan.

The solution to this is me, with a pad of paper and a pencil, writing down which stations I have “checkboxed” before every new channel scan. It’s a huge pain and I’d like to stop doing it.

Please make the channel scanner smarter. :slight_smile:

This is something we’ve talked about internally a few times in the past.

It’s something we definitely DO want to improve but as part of a larger update to this whole mechanism.

We’ve got a customer survey coming up soon, so make sure to mention that in your feedback!

This is an old thread, but the situation still exist.

I’m sure that all Tablo owners have had to do this due to the necessary June 21st channel rescan.

A quick recap…
Whenever you to do a channel rescan, the Tablo deletes all your previously selected channels and then repopulates/selects the scanned channels based on it’s own criteria.

I would like it if the rescan kept the existing selected channels and not delete them all. Out of the 79 channels I can receive in my area, I’m only interested in about 15 of them. I’ve too had to make a list of those channels I’m interested in and then re-enter them after every channel rescan.

I realize that this is not just a Tablo issue. I have to do the same thing with my Samsung TV. I just think that I’ve got a better chance of Tablo listening to my request than I do with Samsung.

On Roku it doesn’t.
Which media player device are you using?

Hum… That’s interesting.
I did my rescan with the Chrome browser @

Regardless of player device channel lineup is stored on the tablo, just a strong speculation, you’re presented with the list from the tablo to which ever interface device you use, for scanning. The scan seemingly erases all history, sadly.

Just a thought, due to lack of any security, I suppose user 1 could scan and select channels while user 2 is watching live TV and yet another program is being recorded. Before user 1 finishes checking boxes user 2 could initiate a scan and… by the time user 1 click add channels, it’s in scan mode and doesn’t have any channels yet.
But that’s straying from the topic.

I guess I won’t have this problem on my 2 tuner. I problably can’t even rescan since there is one recording being made and one viewing live tv.

I’m just glad my Roku retains all the pre-existing channels that are also found during a rescan.

The scanning results that are selected, and after the ‘Add to Guide’ button clicked, are stored on the Tablo.
However, the part of the scanning process that selects (check marks) channels behaves differently for different media players.

On Tablo Roku app v2.10, all original channels, by default, are selected (check marks) at the end of the scan.
However, a scan via Mozilla Firefox results in Tablo deciding which channels should be selected.

ok then, thanks. From this perspective, a Roku app has a bit more control than just an interface interacting with tablo… that is if it can decide and/or recall device settings. (but not really)

One of tablo’s strengths is also it’s weakens - working across multiple platforms with such varying support. (and multiple network options)