Resume watching doesn't seem to work anymore?

We got the Tablo update a few weeks ago, but now, in the last week, the “resume watching” function doesn’t work any longer. My wife likes to queue up programs after recording so that they are ready to watch, but now that “queueing” up doesn’t work any more. If we stop watching a program in the middle, when we come back to it, we have to start from the beginning and FFWD to the point we were watching when we left. VERY ANNOYING!

You should probably mention which device you’re using. Resume still functions fine for me on Roku 3.

How long until you come back to watch? On the same playback device or a different one?

@klein1dc Which device/app are you using? This is all on the Roku, Fire TV, etc. We’ll take a look at this on our end!

Sorry! I’m using a Roku 3 with the Tablo App.We have discovered that the resume function works only if we have gone at least 1 minute into the recording. Previously it would work just a few seconds into the recording. When this started happening, all of the recording that we had “queued” in the past had lost their “queueing” and reverted to requiring at least 1 minute of viewing for resume to work.

@klein1dc Interesting - let me touch base with our team with this info.

I had similar behaviour using my Roku via wireless-n.
The problem went away after switching that Roku to use wireless-g.

Turns out that the Roku being 70 feet away from the wireless router, and having 3 internal walls between was too much for wireless-n to deal with.