Resume feature away from home

I’m away from home and I (thankfully) can still watch my Tablo on the computer app and my phone and iPad (both ISO). However the resume feature is not working at all.
Does this only work when you’re at home? It’s rather frustrating to wait for it to buffer to get back to where you were. Especially when it just doesn’t load the whole program to begin with.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Set the Remote Streaming Quality to Full Quality and your issue will go away.

Of course you’ll need fast upload speed at the location where your Tablo is for that to work.

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Yeah, that is one of the drawbacks to remote streaming. Because of the second layer of transcoding, you can’t resume shows. The only way around it is what @theuser86 wrote, by using full quality. That works because it doesn’t use a second layer of transcoding.