Resume and loading bar not working anymore

I been out of town for two weeks and upon my return I noticed that I no longer see the resume feature when watching on my Roku 3. I also noticed that when i fast forward through commercials and hit play to resume the load bar starts at 20% and never progresses until the show starts again 15-30 sec later or it never loads and i have to hit fast forward and play again to start. Has a change happened recently that might be causing this behavior? I noticed a new Tablo splash screen upon initial load but no new interface yet. I have seen the CES announcement that one it coming.  


Try removing the the Tablo channel from your Roku and re-adding it from here. Do you still have the same issues once it’s been reloaded onto your Roku? We’re still working on the new Roku UI - we’ll have it out as soon as we can. 

Anyone else having these problems?

@Brent @TabloSupport

Multiple people are having issues with slow FF and RW, see the thread below:


The re-adding of the channel returned the resume feature. Thank You.


What is the version of the Tablo channel that installed to your Roku? Hit the * button in the home screen.


1.12 build 12

That’s the version I am running, and others have the same reported intermittent issues with the resume function and progress bars.


Thanks for letting me know i am not the only one.

@Brent @TabloSupport

Thread describing intermittent issues with the progress bars and resume function.

Brent, please keep us posted if it’s intermittent for you too.

I am also having the resume issue. Good to know that can find a solution with out going through a support helpdesk that would either put me in a queue or ask me a ton of questions in order to understand the problem.