RESOLVED: Subscription Issue Affecting Subset of Tablo DVRs

Hi folks -

Yesterday, Tablo’s subscription servers encountered an issue which caused a small subset of Tablo units to forget their TV Guide Data Subscription statuses.

This means that series recordings scheduled on affected units may fail and other TV Guide Data, Premium Service, and Cloud DVR subscription-required features and services may be temporarily unavailable.

We apologize to those affected. Identifying the root cause and steps for resolution are our top priority.

We’ll share details below as they become available.

*** UPDATE ***

The engineering team has confirmed a bug was affecting users with Lifetime TV Guide Data subscriptions but that it has now been fixed.

Users with Lifetime TV Guide Data subscriptions should go to the settings screen in any Tablo app and hit the REFRESH subscription button.

This button should now work as intended and resolve the issue.

If you are running Tablo firmware 2.2.24 or older, you may need to take the additional step of toggling the recording setting on your series schedules.


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Noticed today that my subscription was expired? Funny, because I have a lifetime subscription. I tried to “Refresh” in the UI, but that didn’t work.
On the website, says my subscription is still valid…
I have a quad tuner Tablo that I have had for 4 years?? Lifetime subscription when I purchased it.
I opened a support ticket, but won’t get an answer until at least tomorrow.

Tablo must be experiencing an error. I have the same problem as you. Rebooting the Quad DVR and power cycling it had no positive effect.

Ditto except I have a Tablo Dual for 2 years with a lifetime guide subscription now showing expired.

Tablo told me it was fixed, but mine is still showing not subscribed.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I have had my Tablo and Lifetime Subscription since 2014. I have NEVER had an issue with my Tablo or my subscription account. I would like to submit a “trouble ticket” but cant seem to figure out how to do it!!! I received notification yesterday that the commercial skip feature was going to require an upgrade to the “premium” service to continue using and then my account locked up. I updated my credit card info hoping that would get things back in service but that had no affect. Now what do I do??

I’m having the same problem. My subscription is showing expired, even though I have a lifetime subscription. I’ve tried rebooting my router and the Tablo, but no luck.

Are you still getting the guide data that you only get with the subscription?

[Linking to my community forum post from yesterday. ](

Update above!

Hitting the REFRESH subscription button should now work to resolve the issue.

I was having same issue which seems to be resolved. The issue i am having now is none of my scheduled recordings will record, says weak signal. Live TV also says weak signal. I attempt to do a scan but no channels are found. Nothing has changed with my antenna I am able to watch OTA TV with cable directly in TV. I did attempt a reboot bu that did not work. Any suggestions?

I’m new to Tablo this year. I noticed my commercial skip option was gone yesterday, and before I joined this forum I went ahead and upgraded to premium to resolve the issue. Commercial skip was the main reason I went with Tablo along with running on Android TV’s. I understand having to increase prices occasionally, but I’m a little frustrated I got charged the $2, and I should have been able to wait another month based on the statement premium doesn’t go in affect until 2/6. Will I be refunded?

On the Announcement itself…

I see wording in it that says…

" Please note that your Tablo Premium Service subscription will become active immediately upon purchase ."

So, my issue with the cloud dvr was resolved. But all of my recordings I had saved are just gone. I’m assuming there’s no way to restore them?